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The TruceTO Evolution

The TruceTO Evolution

We’ve joined forces with leading insurance brokerage, risk management and consulting firm, Gallagher in Canada, in an exclusive partnership to continue the journey towards safer streets for everyone. The partnership is based on our shared commitment to safeguarding customers from the road safety crisis.

Recognizing that infrastructure change is a necessary, long-term objective, TruceTO will continue to focus on using empathy as a key motivator create short- to medium-term changes on our streets in the interim, allowing pedestrians, cyclists and drivers to safely share the road.

The growing road safety issue

Road safety continues to be a growing concern for Canadians, particularly in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) where the battle for space on the streets between drivers, cyclists and pedestrians can get heated. In an effort to continue the TruceTO momentum and bring more empathy to the streets of Toronto, our partnership with Gallagher in Canada will come to life through consumer research, road safety education and community outreach, starting in the GTA.

Why are insurance brokers important in the quest for harmony on the streets?

Gallagher’s insurance brokers see first-hand the implications of road fatalities on its customers, their families and the impact it has on their businesses and communities they live in. They also have the opportunity to share important road safety information with their customers at key milestones in a customer’s auto insurance journey, and encourage them to practice safe road behaviours.

News release

See our press release for more details on the partnership.

What’s new?

Watch this space for ongoing updates on the partnership as we continue to work towards safer streets for everyone.