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"Road safety is the number one public and economic concern of our time. As a former law enforcement officer with the Toronto Police Service, tasked with protecting our street’s most vulnerable - I have seen the deadly toll that road violence plays first-hand. I have seen direct collisions, and unfortunately, the carnage that leads to loss of life or limb. I have made it a career to combat road violence by advocating for ways to lessen the tensions with each other while we wait on infrastructure. That is why, I am so excited to have been part of TruceTO - a project aimed at reducing tensions, promoting civility, kindness and patience on our roads. This initiative is an amazing step forward in recognizing personal responsibility in shared public spaces, while we wait for hard physical measures to eliminate conflict by design."

- Kyle Ashley, Street Safety Advocate


"Improving our road safety in Toronto is urgent and important for the health, safety and well-being of all our residents and communities. We are seeing a devastating rise in road violence across the City. I have been proud to champion the fast-tracking Vision Zero, the City's plan to prevent pedestrian deaths and improve road safety. We need decisive, meaningful and immediate action to protect vulnerable road users, such as pedestrians, cyclists and children, along with the creation of more inclusive and accessible sidewalks and roadways for all road users. Thank you to TruceTO for all your advocacy work in promoting safe streets and healthy communities."

- Kristyn Wong-Tam, Ward 27 Councillor

Kristyn Wong-Tam

Our Story

The Cause

Safety on our streets has been a growing concern for Canadians in the past few years. Incidents are on the rise and as an automobile insurer, RSA Insurance is committed to exploring new ways to promote street safety. One of the ways we are demonstrating this is with this exciting initiative, TruceTO.

Introducing... TruceTO

Unlike other organizations, we are tackling this issue from a unique perspective by positioning ourselves as one of many mediators between pedestrians, cyclists, motorists and drivers to boost harmony on our streets.

We are piloting this initiative in Toronto, with plans to expand across the country in other large cities.

Safe, Secure World

From experience we know that individual choices can create a safer, secure world for all. So, we are taking action today to keep people safe in their daily lives, especially on the street.

Why are we doing this?

RSA is one of Canada’s leading property and casualty insurers and our purpose is to Make Life Better Together.

For more than 150 years in Canada, we’ve been providing our customers with peace of mind by helping them get back on their feet when they needed us the most.  From fires, flooding and everything in between, we’ve been there right with them.

TruceTO is an extension of this commitment. Every one of us uses the street. We just need to get better at sharing.