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How street smart are you?

How good are you at sharing the street with your fellow pedestrian, cyclist, motorist or driver?

Test your knowledge on sharing the street safely with everyone by taking this quiz.

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Have your say about making our streets safer

You can help us spread the word about the importance of safety on our streets, and the role every single one of us has to play in bringing harmony to our streets. Connect with us on Twitter and Facebook and start spreading the word to your family and friends using #TruceTO.

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Get started now! Here are some sample messages you can send today:

Join me in starting a movement to make streets safer for all. Tweet #TruceTO and #pledge to create harmony on the GTA #streets.✌️

Making our streets safer involves everyone. You can help me by signing the #TruceTO pledge to bring #peace to the streets. ✍️

Do you feel safe on Toronto’s streets when #walking, #biking or #driving? I’m taking a pledge to make Toronto’s streets safer. Join in at #TruceTO

Safer streets are possible in Toronto! To get more info or to join me in taking the #TruceTO pledge, go to #TruceTO Share

As a Torontonian, I’ve seen and heard people talk about street safety and how it has become a growing concern for everyone. I want you to join me as I make a push to harmonize GTA’s streets by changing perceptions and attitudes. Find out how you can help me by visiting #TruceTO Share