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Our third StreetPeace TruceTO podcast now available

Our third StreetPeace TruceTO podcast now available

Listen now to Smart cities: How the future of transportation will impact street safety

TORONTO, ON | December 7, 2018

​Our TruceTO StreetPeace podcast series continues with Smart cities: How the future of transportation will impact street safety! Donna Ince, SVP Personal Insurance, is joined by Sasha Sud, Director, Smart Cities at MaRs Discovery District. Listen as they discuss the future of road safety on the streets of Toronto and how TruceTO aims to address the problem.

In the third episode, Ken Evans, RSA's CSR partner, sits down with Donna and Sasha as they talk through the future of transportation and smart cities, and how these will shape road safety in the city of Toronto. Some of the questions asked by Ken include: how will smart cities affect how people get around? How will the increased presence of autonomous vehicles affect the safety of our streets? And most importantly, how will we keep our streets safe with the inevitable arrival of smart city technologies? 

"Insurance does have a role to play so I wouldn't see insurance stepping out. For instance, there's lots of discussion about whether the liability now sits with the car manufacturer because they are the ones that are manufacturing the vehicle, installing the technology, and buying the technology from other companies. I would say, there will continue to be incidences where people will be injured but at a much smaller rate."  – Donna Ince speaking to the prevalence of autonomous vehicle in the future.  

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