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Stay in the know about safety on our city streets

Everyone shares the responsibility to keep our streets safe. Take accountability for the role you play: educate yourself and show a little more empathy towards fellow road users. Making our streets safer is a collective effort.  

In collaboration with DriveWise, a Canadian leader in driver education safety training, learn how you can stay safe during adverse road conditions, navigate intersections and better share the road with others in these handy tip sheets. Or, test your knowledge of intersection management in this interactive YouTube video quiz

Angry driver honking horn

Additional Resources

Take the test in this street safety quiz.

Keep your little ones safe when they head back to school with these road safety tips.

Learn how you can share the street with other users in this handbook created by the Ministry of Transportation.

Learn more about safe cycling in Toronto in this cyclist handbook developed by CycleTO.

Check out the results of a road safety survey we conducted of 1,500 Canadians who walk, cycle or drive as their primary mode of transportation. 

TruceTO is about one simple notion: Every one of us uses the street. We just need to get better at sharing.